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Inserting Fruits So Husband Can Eat Them Later!!

One woman turned to social networks to get some doubts about the new sexual fetish she shares with her husband: he asks her to insert fruits and vegetables into her vagina so he can eat them later, directly from the woman's genitals. 

The woman, who does not identify herself, explains in a Reddit social networking forum that she inserts "apples, pears and carrots into the vagina" in the morning and her husband consumes them at night, while questioning whether the practice, which would last " About two months ago, "could bring health complications to some of those involved.

It is further explained that "all fruits and vegetables are organic" and "very well washed" before being inserted into the vagina. 

Several users have answered doubts, warning of the dangers of a fungal infection or toxic shock syndrome. One of the commentators, who claims to be a doctor, advises a woman to use sex toys instead of fruit or vegetables, being careful never to leave them in the vagina for more than 12 hours. 

It is also suggested that the woman "use condoms to prevent bacteria from developing with access to fruit sugars" and, if she does not want to use it, "choose fruits and vegetables with waxy skin such as apples and cucumbers."
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