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Hottest Mannequin Challenge!!

If there is one way to want to keep an internet challenge alive, it is to do it topless, and that will reignite it once again.

Perhaps the strippers who did a mannequin challenge or Joanna Krupa’s nude mannequin challenge gave German actress and model Micaela Schäfer the inspiration she needed to do her own version, because the version she did is one you may want to check out a few times.

And Micaela even invited some of her hot friends to help her out, because that’s what friends are for.

Micaela Schäfer took it to her Facebook to share a video of her all nude video, with the caption: “So! Now I’ve done it too – but of course in the slugs style! Mannequin Challenge With Roxxyx, Melina Ink, Jacky Valentine, Julie Hunter.”

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