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Bone In The Human Penis??

A recent scientific study of the evolution of bones reveals that the penis of human beings has already had a bone and that monogamy has been the cause of their disappearance. 

According to the British newspaper, The Guardian, citing the study, this bone called baculum continues to exist in several mammals and is varied in its size and shape. In monkeys, the limb may be the size of a finger, and in sea lions, the bone can go almost 70 centimeters.

Already the human being lost it during its evolution and monogamy and speed of the human mating could be the cause of this disappearance. 

The researchers found that penile bone began to develop in mammals about 95 million years ago and that this member was present in the first primates that appeared about 50 million years ago. 

Kit Opie, the scientist who conducted the study at the University of London, confirmed that the length of penile bone was higher in males that maintained relationships that lasted more than three minutes. 

According to the researcher, this is a strategy used for the male to be able to ensure on one hand that the female becomes pregnant and on the other that it is away from the remaining males. The same study reveals that the man must have lost the penis bone about 1.9 million years ago, around the same time that monogamy appeared.
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