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330 Dollares For Cuddling!!

In the USA there are already those who receive money for giving hugs, cuddle sleep or other kind of pampering. The deal is called cuddling, costs $ 330 per session and demand has increased significantly at Christmas. 

Who says it is Lisa VanArsdale, 27. One of New York's most sought-after cuddling professionals. "I love cuddling. Plus, the money is good, "Lisa VanArsdale told the New York Post.

Let those who think these encounters end up in sex will be disappointed. It's just an exchange of warmth and warmth that sometimes also results in dinners. 

Most of the clients are men in their 40s and 60s who have affection problems in their marital relationships, can not find companionship or are alone in the world without a family. 

It has even been the loneliness in this holiday season that was primarily responsible for the considerable growth of the business in the last two weeks.
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