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Sleeping With Your Partner Can Damage Your Health!!

Winter is coming, and for those with significant others, it'll be a case of snugging up to them as the weather gets colder and more inhospitable outside. 

Supposedly. Of course, co-sleeping with a partner isn't always as effortless or pleasant as it looks in particular fluffy rom coms. In fact, not only can it be tricky what with all the snoring, duvet-hogging or that awkward moment when one of you is tipsy and late home and wholly fails to be quiet - but it can also be potentially damaging. 

These include causing an increase in the risk of depression, heart disease, stroke and respiratory failure. It can also increase the risk of divorce. This may all sound extreme, but when you consider 29 per cent of adults say their partner is at the root of their sleep woes , it seems for some people there is an issue.

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