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German's Police New Toy!!

The German police have just revealed their latest "toy", a Ford Mustang V8 GT "prepared" by Wolf Racing, which made it even more radical. 

Named "Wolf Wide 5.0," this Mustang "won" new 20-inch wheels, adjustable suspension, a rear diffuser, a huge wing for improved aerodynamics and sporty exhaust.

And the exterior looks even more aggressive compared to the so-called "normal" version - also much because of the paint of the Police -, the same can be said of the engine, which took a "treatment" of Wolf Racing and started to charge 455 hp Of power, plus 34 hp than the standard version. 

In the next 12 months, this Mustang will be a kind of "Show Car" and will go through several events to continue to attract attention to this campaign that in recent years have led the German police to develop cars together with tuning specialists.
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