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Burger King Disguised as McDonald's!

If there is one thing that we know, Burger King and McDonald's will take any opportunity to troll one another.

But this Halloween, Burger King may just have already come out on top with an epic costume prank on its rival that has immediately gone viral.

The prank was performed at the Rego Park, New York, location of the fast-food chain. At first glance, it seemed that the location was closed for business this week, as it was covered in a giant white sheet.

  However, upon closer inspection, it was clear that the entire building was actually dressed like a ghost, complete with eye holes cut over the restaurant's logo.

But what really grabbed the attention of social media users was the clever slight included in the costume: The name of McDonald's painted over it in black. Over the eye holes, they even painted a yellow M in the place of eyebrows, resembling the famous golden arches.

To add even more sting to the insult, the sign outside the restaurant read: 'Boooo! Just kidding. We still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween!'

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