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Big Secret Revealed in DBS!!

Due to it no longer appears on Japanese television since 1996, Dragon Ball Z lived only in movies, games and memories of fans. In 2015, however, Dragon Ball Super hit the Japanese home screens bringing the sequence of the story that ended with the defeat of Majin Buu. 
In the new stage, new more powerful threat than ever return to threaten the Earth and the legendary sayajin Goku must return to action. 

Among the most amazing battles, a great secret of the mighty warrior was revealed in the last episode! 

It looks like Goku do not know the simple concept of a kiss on the lips between two people. In the new episode of Super Dragon Ball, Goku caused the amazement of everyone when he revealed that he never kissed someone in his entire life. 

The confession came after the warrior saw Trunks kissing girlfriend May. Even Vegeta, used to ignore and despise every interaction appears completely shocked by the revelation when Goku surprises everyone with a simple innocent remark about the kiss.
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