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Woman For Sale On Ebay!!

A man decided to put the woman on eBay, highlighting his good qualities in the kitchen after it has been upset because he said he felt unwell. 

The man put a picture of Leandra woman along with a list of pros and cons of acquisition. The ad was placed online after the man had said to the companion that was not well fulfill his duty as a housewife, writes The Mirror. 

As hard as it is to believe, in just two days the wife of the purchase value reached almost 78 thousand euros. 

Nevertheless, when discovered, Leandra have not been happy with the game. "I came home after work to feel tired and unwell. My wife expressed concern as is normal but then began to tease me. So I thought, I'll put it up for sale, "says Simon. 

In the publication on eBay can read: "Wife for sale. is not new, it has been used but still has a good mile to use. "
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