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First Baby with Three Parents!!

The first baby in the world generated with a new IVF technique with "three parents" was born in Mexico, announced the magazine "New Scientist". 

Abrahim Hasan, already five months, has the DNA of the father, mother and a donor. The design of babies from the DNA of three people is only legal in the UK, which was the first country to adopt this controversial procedure. 

Abrahim was born in Mexico because, according to Dr. John Zhang, who led the team that performed the procedure, the country has no legislation on the matter. 

The technique, called mitochondrial donation, is used to prevent diseases caused by genetic defects transmitted by the mother. Mitochondria are specialized structures found in cells that transform glucose into energy molecule. Defective, can cause an energy deficit in the organism and are responsible for serious degenerative diseases such as diabetes or myopathy. 

The new technique, defined as a significant step forward by his supporters, do not get unanimity in the scientific community.
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