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Vladimir Putin Arrested in Florida!!

Vladimir Putin has been arrested for trespassing at a supermarket in Florida. With this tittle you are assuming that it was the Russian President right? 

No, not that Vladimir Putin. 

This Putin is 48 years old and a resident of West Palm Beach. He was arrested on Sunday Aug. 21 for trespassing and resisting arrest after refusing to leave a Publix in West Palm Beach, where he was allegedly creating a disturbance, according to police. 

A West Palm Beach arrest report said Putin was yelling at store employees and wouldn't leave the store after a manager asked him to multiple times. 

He eventually left, but returned again and continued to scream at workers. When police arrived to mitigate the situation, Putin told him he had missed his ride, and he "made no attempt to leave," the report said.

Trick some else like we did to you ;)
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