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Swimming Up To a Lava Waterfall!

Alison Teal is the woman on that board and she is no stranger to extreme adventures. She practically grew up traveling the world as a real-life “Tarzan Child” and even won Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid survival challenge all by herself. 

PERRIN JAMES/ Caters News 

But the survivalist and filmmaker’s latest stunt landed her in hot water. Literally. Teal paddled on her signature pink surfboard last week to the base of a sea cliff where 2,000-degree lava from Kilauea volcano is flowing into the ocean on the southeastern coastline of Hawaii’s Big Island. 

“You know when astronauts go to space and they get this powerful awe and appreciation for the planet? It feels like that, i felt more connected to nature and the ocean than ever before.” - She said. 

Watch the video..
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