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Making ears from apples...

Mr Pelling is working around the idea of using trash to find treasure. He says playing around is how he trains his mind to remain unconventional. 

‘It's not some creepy thing,’ said Mr Pelling, at a recent TED Talk. ‘I'm usually just looking for old electronics, stuff I can take to my workshop and hack.’ The 'mad scientist', as TED calls him, runs his own lab at Ottawa University, the Pelling Laboratory for Physical Manipulation. 

One of the lab's latest projects involves creating 'human' ears out of cells taken from apples. The ears cannot hear like those in a human, but are the same shape and contain human cells, or 'scaffolding'. The idea stemmed from a conversation they had about Audrey II, the giant monster flytrap from the musical Little Shop of Horrors. They wondered whether they could grow the monster in the lab.

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