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Training Dog Using YouTube!

When a boy's parents told him that he was responsible for training his new puppy, what they didn't expect was just how smart their iPad-toting son was. 

Lincoln Ball, 4 years old, was given a puppy after his doctor discovered he was severely allergic to outdoor allergens. The father told the ABC News that the allergy doctor said, half-jokingly, "Well there's good news and bad news. The bad news is you're allergic to everything outside. The good news is you're not allergic to pets. You could get a puppy" and that was it. 

His parents gave him a new pet, a dog, and told him it was his responsability to learn how to train the dog and that he could use Youtube. But what he did instead of learning and teaching the dog was choosing the video and then called the dog over and started playing it directly to it.

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