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Posted Last Picture Before Die!

A National Guardsman who posted a Facebook picture of his flooded truck before going missing in Texas has been found dead. 

Darren Mitchell's body, of 21 years old, was found on Saturday more than a mile downstream from where his overturned truck had been discovered earlier. 

On Thursday, the Navasota resident posted a chilling picture from inside his truck as it appeared to be submerged in flood water. The caption to the photo read: 'And all I wanted to do was go home.' 

A witness said she saw Mitchell get back into the truck after initially climbing out. 'He got out of his truck, he got in the bed of his truck, he got back out, on top of his truck, and then all of the sudden he got back in his truck. And like maybe 10, 15 minutes after he was in his truck, it just flipped and he topsided into the water,' said Lashandoe Smith.

Was he trying to kill himself?
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