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Kid sleeps for seven years on Twitter

A Twitter user who goes by Marcus LePage has only made three tweets, with over 85,000 retweets between them at the time of this writing.

His first tweet was about seven years ago, in April 2009. As the years passed while LePage took a nap, it's gathered about 40,000 retweets and most of them seem to be quite recent.

Probably because of his second tweet, posted just this week. Whatever LePage was late for, whether it was the bus, lunch, a date with someone who could be married now, it's a safe assumption he missed it.
 But the realization that you've time traveled the old fashioned way for so long is tiring. LePage made his third and final tweet. For now.

Twitter wished him pleasant dreams, and the sleep cycle continues. Metro claims the real owner is someone named "Gabe," so take the sprawling saga of Marcus LePage with a grain of salt.
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