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Just a Cop or a Hero?

Sgt. Greg Bogert, a veteran of the Riverdale Police Department who saved a man from jumping off the Route 287 bridge Monday, isn't used to receiving praise for his efforts.

Bogert now finds himself thrust in the spotlight with the release of the dashcam video from the save, but that was the furthest thing on his mind at the time of the rescue.

Pulling up to the scene, Bogert said, "I didn't have time to think." The sergeant responded to Route 287 near Exit 53 at 11:30 a.m. after receiving reports of a man walking toward the ledge of the bridge.
As he was responding, more reports came in about the man saying he was jumping in front of cars on Route 287.
When Bogert pulled up, he saw the man walking in front of a vehicle to the shoulder — as if he had just tried to walk in front of it.
The sergeant said the man was in obvious distress so he knew he had to be calm, but he did crack open his door because he was afraid the man was going to sprint for the edge.

As he looked at the man and tried to calm him down, Bogert said he knew the man was going to run because his gaze was "focused on the edge of the bridge."
Bogert immediately took off after the man and was able to stop him before he vaulted over the edge.
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