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Woman Rips Off Husband Testicles With Hands!!

After a discussion, Marinela Benea, 40 years old, took off her husband's testicles with his hands because Ionel Popa, the 39 years old husband, refused to help his wife with the housework.

"I should have bought flowers and agreed earlier," his words to local TV. 

Once he realized the incident, Marinela told her husband that if he put some ice it will resolve the situation, but the man did not hesitate to call an ambulance. 

After surgery, husband and wife laughed at the situation and Ionel eventually forgive his wife. "I'm fine. We all make mistakes. The main point is that I have forgiven my wife," said the man who added that "all marriages have their ups and downs." 

I guess that now there are only downs....
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