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Can Anyone Marrie My Son!

A businessman in eastern China has posted an advert looking for a manager to run his rubber factory — and also marry his son, according to a news website report.

Chen Jinrong, 67, who comes from Taizhou in Zhejiang province, placed the advert for a job fair, Zhejiang Online reported.

Chen has been worried about the future of his son, Chen Diyang, 38, who divorced about ten years ago, the article said.
“Female boss needed for rubber factory. Must be 38 years of age or under. Junior high school graduate or above. Can be divorced or have children. Hard-working, possess computer and management skills,” part of the job advert was cited as saying.

Chen’s son has been managing his father’s business for years and has a daughter with his ex-wife, according to the report.
His father was quoted as saying that his son was a capable manager, but was limited by his lack of education and computer and social skills. “I have watched my granddaughter grow up in the past ten years, but my son seems to have never matured and he doesn’t take the initiative in anything,” Chen senior was quoted as saying.

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