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Friendship Between Tiger And Goat Ends Violently!

The unlikely friendship between a Siberian tiger and a goat in a Russian park safaris went worldwide in November ... and ended a few days ago with an attack captured on video.

Amur, the Siberian tiger living in Primorski park, Russia, befriended one of the living prey that gets to feed. All thanks to the courage of Timur, a fearless goat stared at him without fear to be thrown at her side.

But that ended a few days ago. It happened when the two were tangled sleeping next to each other, as usual, and Timur began stepping Amur and hitting him with the horns.

Tiger seems to try to control the urge to retaliate but, at the insistence of the goat, awakened from sleep and grabbed him by the neck, killing it..

See the video.

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