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He fathered 800 kids!

Simon claims to be Britain's most prolific sperm donor. He boasts of having fathered 800 offspring in the past 16 years, selling his magic potion over Facebook for just £50 a pot.

He aims to bring the tally to 1,000 in the next four years. He has never met the vast majority of these children, of course. This accidental encounter a couple of months ago in the Royal Botanic Gardens was an exception.

'It all came back to me: the sperm sample for the first child had been taken by a courier from my house in Luton to the mums' home in London. And for the second, I'd gone to their house and produced it there, leaving it in a sterile pot with a syringe, as I always do.

 'Like many of the couples I help, in this case the parents were lesbians. I never ask if they've had a successful outcome, but this couple had contacted me to tell me — and now here I was meeting the children.'
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